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Software Information
Anti Keylogger Shield 3.0
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  Downloads 469  popularPopular
  Publisher Amic Tools
  Date added October 12, 2012
  Last updated
October 12, 2012
Security Software/Security Tools
  Product License
Free to try: $29.95 to buy
Expiry Count: 15 Days
  Operating System Windows 2000
  Requirements P133, 16 Mb Ram, 2Mb Hdd
  File size 2.3 MB
  Install Support Install and Uninstall
  Recent Changes None
Amic Tools
Publisher's Product Description
Amic Tools
Anti Keylogger Shield is a small but powerful anti-spy tool, once
installed renders useless any Keyloggers installed on your
computer, either known or unknown. Unlike other tools it does not
contain a database signature, and does not search for Keyloggers
to neutralize, instead it blocks the very mechanisms that are used
by Keyloggers to intercept keystrokes.

Keyloggers are tiny spy programs that intercept and save every
keystroke typed on the computer. Also emails, usernames and
passwords, including documents, and then either store this
information in a hidden place on your computer for the person to
obtain it later or send it over to the Internet to the person who is
monitoring your Computer.

Keyloggers come in many forms, as emails, viruses, Trojan horses;
People might try to invade your privacy and see what you are
typing, or remote hackers might want to steal usernames and
passwords as you type it. is not responsible for the content of this Publisher's Description. Please make a responsible decision as to whether this Product is in accordance with any applicable laws. We do not condone or encourage the use of any product that is in violation of any applicable laws.

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Anti Keylogger Shield 3.0

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